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I can't say enough positive things about having Miss Julie and Miss Tammy as part of Brennan's early education. Ever since Brennan started coming to the Y as an infant the activities that went on in this classroom always caught my attention. When Brennan was old enough to be signed up for this class, I made sure that I did so the day registration opened as I did not want to pass up this opportunity. Since school has started, I have loved seeing how his little brain is soaking up everything that he is learning. My favorite part of my day is when I pick him up and hear "Mom...I can't wait to tell you what I did today!!" Truly music to this mom's ears. Every day when Brennan wakes up one of the first things he asks is "is it a school day or home day?" When I respond with "school day" he always responds with a "YEAH" like a first day of school YEAH!! I look forward to what the rest of this school year will bring for Brennan in regards to his developmental learning, relationships built with peers and staff but most importantly the skills that he is learning that he will carry with him through life. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Miss Julie and Miss Tammy for all you are doing for Brennan, it is very appreciated! 

Jen Coates


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2020-21 Preschool