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"Kids club is fun. Demi is my favorit teacher. Today I had no school so I went to kids club and Demi was the only teacher there and when we went outside we played hide and seek. I love hide and seek. When Madi got here Demi left kids club but she's going to come back in a littl bit. I love kids club. You should listin to your teacher all the time because I do you shold to. Madi is my favorit teacher to."



Preschool open to Members and Non-members.

Classes: All classes are determined by the age of the child as of

September 15th.                            

Three Year Old Preschool (maximum class size 20)

3 year old preschool M through F 8:30-11:30 AM

FOUR YEAR OLD PRESCHOOL (maximum class size 18)

4 year old preschool M thruough F 8:30-3:15 PM

All Day Four Year old Preschool Class is partnered with the Spencer Community Preschool Program and part of the Iowa Quality Preschool Program. Programs are partially funded by the state of Iowa.

Childcare Handbook
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Non-Discrimination Statement

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