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Adam Harris

Adam has recently lost 215 pounds...half of his original body weight! He plunged head first into his weight loss journey after he underwent spinal surgery. "My surgeon did have some words that stuck: 'I fixed the frame, now you have to take the snow off the roof." Adam did just that, he removed the snow and looks to a bright and sunny future. Adam utilized the YMCA to assist him in his weight loss journey. Adam stated that the Nautilus room is his favorite area to workout in. 

Steph Healey

"We often do not appreciate the things we have until they're gone. For me the Spencer Family YMCA is part of my daily routine. Whether I'm lifting weights, participating in a small group training or swimming, my day always starts at the Y. It's more than just a place to workout. I've developed great friendships and obtained awesome accountability partners too. In the last week it's felt like a horrible nightmare we've been living and I realized how critical the Y is to me. My mornings at the Y are essential to how my day is going to go. It's therapy to my body and my mind and makes me a better wife, mom and employee. Even with the Y shutdown they're still finding ways to keep us healthy. I've been able to attend a few "live" classes and checkout equipment for my home workouts. Thank you, Spencer Family YMCA for being such a great advocate to the health of our community. I appreciate you!"

Merjurie Ricklefs

"Moving to Spencer, IA from Hawaii was challenging for our family. Luckily, our family found the Y, and this place has availed us multitudes of friendship, community, and great opportunities for our kids such as swimming with Miss Cheryl, dance classes, childcare and preschool. I would like to talk about the Preschool that is being offered in the building in particular. Our five-year-old has learned so much from Miss Julie and Miss Tammy this school year, and this includes singing educational songs, learning all of her alphabet and sounds, shapes, numbers, writing, learning about animals and gardening to name a few. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the community, and as soon as the shutdown, transpired, by the next day, both teachers were able to provide educational materials to be sent home to the kids. This proves how prepared they are as educators. In terms of communication, they always respond to the seesaw app or text messaging. They created weekly zoom meetings and Miss Julie never fails to make her daily live lessons entertaining. Miss Tammy made a special folder with pictures and copies of schoolwork that our daughter did throughout the school year. All these efforts attest to their caring characters and the love for what they do. I highly recommend the preschool offered at the Spencer Family YMCA."

Wendy Rees

Wendy has been a Y member for over 23 years! In the past she has taught swimming lessons and fitness classes. Currently Wendy is just enjoying the facility as a Y member! "My passion is bodybuilding. I absolutely love the atmosphere the YMCA provides. I can go in the weight room and meet people of all ages and goals with just the common desire to get stronger. I feel there is a nice variety of weights and equipment so that I can get a well-composed all over work out. My training has taken me to a few different competitions but what I really love is just being there on a day to day basis. The staff are always very welcoming and friendly and make me feel part of the Y family. I would never hesitate to recommend the Spencer Family YMCA!"

Jason Schjoth

"My name is Jason Schjoth, I am 45 years young. I started my fitness journey here at the YMCA in Spencer Iowa. I was overweight, depressed and well a little lost in life. I decided I had to do something to help myself as the weight had started to affect my physical and mental health. The doctor even wanted to start me on medication, but I opted to man up and do this on my own. I started at 250 pounds and decided to join my local Y, which thank goodness has changed my life. Not saying it was easy...but WORTH it!! I quit the fast food, started to eat healthy and hit the gym 1-2 times a week. Each day I felt better and better. After awhile working out got easier and the weight was dropping off. I was then told by my doctor if I kept doing what I was doing that I would not have to be on medication. It is amazing knowing that I started at 250 and got down to 162 pounds. It was all the hard work at the Spencer Family YMCA! I am now in the best shape of my life! It just goes to show that you can do this at any age. When you feel like quitting just remember why you started."

Lashon Myers

"My son Gage has been involved with Kids Club for about three years. We have been through our share of ups and downs with his anxiety, but ultimately the time, willingness and communication of all their staff that worked with me and my son is something I am very grateful for. Without the YMCA his social skills and excitement to see his friends, rather school or staff, we wouldn't be where we are today. Gage enjoys going to the YMCA for Kids Club after school and especially on no school days where he gets to swim, play dodgeball, or football with his friends."

Maureen Kadous

"I can not think of a better way to start the week than by heading to the YMCA for a fun lively class of Zumba Gold with our instructor, Erin Elliott! We dance to a variety of songs and expand our personal horizons by learning  many new steps and dances. It's a great cardio workout and all around positive experience! I truly appreciate the class and all of the work that Erin does to keep us happy and on our toes."

Paul & Candace Daniels

"Honestly, I'm not sure if we would still be living in Spencer right now without the Spencer Family YMCA. We moved to Spencer over 13 years ago and our hometowns are located in other parts of the state. We knew no one from the area. At the time, having a safe place to put our son Harrison in childcare and send our daughter Monroe somewhere after school was very reassuring. From there, our kids have been involved in countless programs and events at the Y. My wife Candace has served on the Y's wellness committee for years and I am the current Chairman of the board. We gladly donate our time because the Spencer Family YMCA has done so many positive things for our family over the years and continue to utilize all the many things it has to offer today!"

Amanda Young

"As a family we have utilized the Y for many of their activities over the years. We love everything the Y has to offer. Isabelle especially enjoys taking dance classes at the Y and has done so since she was a little girl. She loves that there are several different choices of dance classes to choose from as well as the opportunity to be involved in the YDC team which allows her to compete with other dancers across the Midwest as a small group, trio and individually. Some days Isabelle spends as much or more time at the Y for dance than at home."

Sam Cook

"My son Sanders is 6 years old and has been participating at the YMCA for the last couple years. He has been involved in swimming, sort-a-sport, crafty corner, flag football and floor hockey! he has had a blast each time he goes to the Y! He meets new friends and it is a good environment. He says it makes him feel happy and healthy and he enjoys having class with Paige. I want to give a big thank you to the YMCA for having these programs available!" 

Sandra Warren

"I have been a Board member for about a year now. It was an easy choice to join the Board and to be able to give back to the Spencer YMCA because of everything the Y has provided for our family. Our kids started using the YMCA as infants in the Dvergsten Childcare, attended through preschool, and now get to go to Kids Club. They have become confident swimmers by being able to start lessons at an early age and we enjoy taking part in the Youth Activities and Adult Fitness Classes. Our entire family is encouraged to be healthier because of the YMCA." 

Luke Ketcham

"My favorite part of the Y is seeing you all! I mostly like basketball, weight lifting, I can't forget weight lifting, and listening to country music. I feel like I'm getting healthier"

Amy and Todd Maschino

"Change does the body good! Or at least it has for us! We were members of the Y for years when our boys were younger. After several years of working out on our own and at another gym, we are back at the Y. We didn't even know at the time how much we needed a change! We've especially enjoyed the Y- Fit classes. It gives us the extra push we need and we like that each class is different. The best part... making new friends at the YMCA isn't just for kids! We've met many new amazing friends! We encourage everyone to come check out the YMCA! It's not just for kids! It's for kids at heart too!"

Chelsea and Jordan Reed

"Our children started childcare at the YMCA in preschool. We loved that they were able to walk or be bused from school and there was always a friendly YMCA staff member ready to greet them. It didn't take long for our children to become involved in programs such as dance, gymnastics, swim lessons, and flag football. I have also enjoyed the adult classes available. We appreciate all the the YMCA has to offer and all of their staff. Our family looks forward to many more years of membership."

Audrey Coffman

"I have been a Spencer YMCA member for 35 plus years. While I was working, I was often asked how I could get up and go to the Y pool by 5:45 am. My answer was always the same, "after swimming laps and attending Aqua class, I felt the best I felt all day." Since my retirement in July, I am still swimming laps and attending Aqua classes three days a week (only a little later in the day). Not only do I get my physical therapy, but I also am lucky to get my mental therapy with the really great group of friends and instructors that I have met through my classes. If your doctors tell you to get some exercise, the Y pool is really a great place to start!"

Hanna R. Campbell

"The people who inspire me the most to join the YMCA is my family. I have made a lot of progress since starting 4 months ago. After talking to Jasmin, she advised me that it would be good for me to join the Parkinson's in Motion class for balance and Senior Strength and Cardio to build up my strength and balance. I met Payton Woodall at the Parkinson's in Motion class and Gayle DeLoss at Senior Strength and Cardio; they both have been very helpful. Then Andy Eisenbacher took over both classes, he is always cheerful and encourages me every day and tells me how good I am doing and so does Gayle, Payton, and Jasmin. Ben O'Clair is also a friendly employee who takes my blood pressure every week. I have met a lot of nice people at the YMCA. Thank you to all the nice employees at the YMCA, it's because of your encouragement and my hard work I no longer have to walk with a walker or a cane."

Maggie Jeppeson

"The Spencer Family YMCA has been a positive way for our active family to get involved in the community after moving here two years ago. Our kids enjoy taking swimming lessons, swimming for fun, and playing youth sports including volleyball and basketball. We appreciate the free child watch for our younger kids during games on Saturdays and workout classes and the kids always look forward to playing with their friends. I have found a supportive group of friends who are both motivating and fun to workout with, especially during Y Fit classes and women's volleyball league. My husband, Jake, and I volunteer as coaches for youth sports and it is a great way for us to give back to the community. We are thankful to have the Y in Spencer!" 

Hannah Hagedorn

" We stared with the YMCA with the expectation that this was going to be much like the other daycares Lincoln had been to. Having a child with many communication barriers we have battled many obstacles in the educational and daycare worlds. In the last 2 years we have really seen a big change in Lincoln from his behavior and speech to even his ability to connect with peers and adults. I give a big credit of these changes to the YMCA staff for being so willing to work with me, as a single parent, to make sure Lincoln gets everything he truly needs and is invested in his growth. Getting to daycare used to be such a fight for us, now he doesn't want to leave most nights. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing support system in the daycare. I couldn't imagine what life would be like for us if we didn't get the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people."

Megan Dykstra

"I joined the Y this winter in hopes of being more productive over my lunch breaks. My coworker and I joined together, and the front desk helped us join with ease. I find the staff at the Y to be very friendly and accommodating every time I visit. Due to health issues my favorite activity to do at the Y is to swim. The offered scheduled times for water classes and open swim usually allow me to swim when it works for my schedule. I am so happy I joined the Y and I cannot wait to get my son enrolled in classes at the Y when he is a little older."

Kari Ehlers

"We absolutely love the Spencer Family YMCA and everything it has to offer. We first enrolled our oldest in Kid's Club a few years ago. Since then, she's enjoyed a variety of different activities: Basketball, swimming lessons, crafty corner, swim team; Just to name a few. We signed up our second daughter for Kid's Club this summer because of how busy the staff keeps the kids. She was involved in gymnastics throughout the winter and recently started swimming lessons. It's such a great environment for kids to learn, grow, and socialize, all while having fun. Another big reason we appreciate the YMCA is because of how great the staff is. They are great roll models, leaders, and friends. No matter what entrance I walk in, there is always a smiling worker around me to greet me. They truly care about our kids which puts my mind at ease when I drop my kids off there every day. However, the YMCA is not just for kids. I use the facilities at least 3-4 times a week. The variety of fitness options available is one of my favorite attributes of the YMCA. Getting back into fitness as an adult was not an easy task, but the YMCA made the transitions much smoother. It's friendly atmosphere allows for self-growth and positive personal development. We are truly lucky to have something as great as the Spencer Family YMCA in our community." 

Merche Ogayar

"As a newcomer to Spencer, I joined the Y and found classes I love! The Yoga class with Gayle is great and Zumba Gold with Erin is fun. Since the moment I walked in and met people at the member service center like Jasmin and Hannah, with their warm welcome and smile I know it's going to be a good day. Not only am I losing weight and feeling great, I am also making great friends!"