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Amy Simpson

"We love the Spencer Fmaily YMCA and are grateful for the opportunities for children. Our kids became involved with the Y as infants in childcare to preschool to after-school care. They have had fun with their friends learning to dance, swim, cook, play volleyball, basketball and many other activities over the years. We are so lucky to have this wonderful facility in Spencer." -Amy Simpson

Natasha Bovee & Hilary Olson

" I love coming to the Y in the mornings after dropping my older kids off at school. The Child Watch lets me have some me-time and get my workout in without my 2 yar old climbing all over me. Aurora enjoys going to play and making new friends. Aurora's day ins't complete unless she gets to play with her new best friend Collins. We have known Hilary and Collins sonce last Spring, but have become good friends in the last month coming to the Y together." - Natasha Bovee

" I have lived in Spencer for 3 years and just joined the Y a month ago. The first thing I thought was why didn't I join sooner? The Y has been nothing but a positive experience for me and my family. Everyone here has empowered me to try new things I wouldn't have tried on my own. I love that I can workout guilt free while my daughter Collins is having a blast at Child Watch. Collins looks forward to coming to the Y to see Aurora and to give Megan knuckles at the front desk. We met Natasha and Aurora at the library, but coming to the Y has given the girls their time and the moms their time to connect. " -Hilary Olson


" Kids Club is fun. Demi is my favorit teacher there. Today I had no school so I went to Kids Club and Demi was the only teacher there and when we went outside we played hide and seek. I love hide and seek. When Madi got here Demi left Kids Club but shes going to come back in a littl bit. I love Kids Club. You should listin to your techer all the time because I do you should to. Madi is my favorite techer to." -Brynlee

Steve McCormick & Jiggs Jorgensen

Steve McCormick and Jiggs Jorgensen met at the Y in December for the first time. They began with small talk while exercising in the Y's weight room. Through their talks they found they knew a lot of the same people. As the weeks went on Jiggs and Steve started meeting each other to work out together! Steve explained that by becoming friends we were also making wach other accountable to exercise. Jiggs says he thinks "that's what's great about the Spencer Y, it gives us retired people a place to go and get some exercise along with meeting new people and talking with old friends."

Steve Quattlebaum

Steve Quattlebaum has been a Y member since 10/12/2015. He recently has been kicking his life in high gear trying to get healthy. Steve visits the YMCA 3 times a week and it is really making a difference in his life. Steve stated "The Y provides me not only with the tools to get healthy, but also the encoutagement I need from staff and other members."

Bradie Boyer

Three year old Bradie Boyer loves the YMCA Childcare becasue " I like to read books in the library!"

Jen Coates

I can't say enough positive things about having Miss Julie and Miss Tammy as part of Brennan's early education. Ever since Brennan started coming to the Y as an infant the activities that went on in this classroom always caught my attention. When Brennan was old enough to be signed up for this class, I made sure that I did so the day registration opened as I did not want to pass up this opportunity. Since school has started, I have loved seeing how his little brain is soaking up everything that he is learning. My favorite part of my day is when I pick him up and hear "mom...I can't wait to tell you what I did today!!!" Truly music to this mom's ears. Every day when Brennan wakes up one of the first things he asks is "is it a school day or home day?" When I respond with "school day" he always responds with a "YEAH!!" like a first day of school YEAH!!! I look forward to what the rest of this school year will bring for Brennan in regards to his developmental learning, relationships built with peers and staff but most importantly the skills that he is learning that he will cary with him through life. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Miss Julie and Miss Tammy for all you are doing for Brennan. It is very appreciated!!!

Soni Finkbeiner

I have been coming to the Y since I was in 5th grade (I think...there was carpet on the walls). I have worked here off and on for 25 years, trained here with Tammy McKeever for a triathlon and watched all 3 of my boys participate in many after school activities as well as youth basketball league. Nowhere else can I take my family and do a variety of activities and exercise options....LOVE the Spencer Y!!!

Valerie Mosbo

"Having recently retired, I soon realized I needed to schedule some type of consistent fitness routine for both my physical well-being and my sanity. i thought a membership at the YMCA would be a good place to start. I was committed to finding a program that would be both challenging and realistic. Not knowing where to start I signed up right away with one of the YMCA personal trrainers. It has been both rewarding and fun to workout and to feel the benefits of maintaining the best health possible. Life is short, keep moving and think fun!"

Morgan Carpenter

"I absolutely love my work friends! Thank you coworkes for all that you do and making work in Kids Club even more enjoyable than it already is. I honestly have the best job ever with the best staff! The kids make it such a fun job also. I love to spend my workday playing with the kiddos and seeing them outside of work makes my day! Love my YMCA family. I miss them so much when I'm in Cedar Falls at college. Honestly the best job I've ever had, my heart is definitely at the YMCA with the kiddis and staff!

Gary Altenhofen

Gary has been a member since 1986! "I enjoy the Y because it's  great place to come meet people, swim, workout, lift weights and be a member of a great community!"

Mike Monnahan

"I exercise Monday through Friday. I use the elliptical and weight room. I enjoy seeing the same people every day and hopefully staying in shape. It is a great facility with great staff and it was well worth the investment!"

Sandra Warren

"Our family has been fortunate to use the YMCA childcare program for almost 10 years. We first picked the childcare program at the YMCA becasue we knew our child would be in a room that was targeted to their age. Over the years my children have developed relationships to last a lifetime and have learned educational skills as well as physical skills. It has been a huge convenience to sign our kids up for the YMCA's school age programs. Since childcare is in the same building the teachers have been able to take our kids to classes like swim, t-ball, kickball & sort-a-sport; this has allowed them to experience more activities at a younger age." 

Shana Vander Tuig

What I enjoy most about the Spencer YMCA is the amount of accountability that is present through friendship, classes, and challenges. The morning classes are the best way to start your day. You are completing something before most people even get out of bed. I recommend finding a class to try with your friend(s). Attending classes together will help keep you accountable, and you will enjoy your time together as well. 

Tess Brant

Our daughter Maycee fell in love with the Y! She went to both the 3 and 4 year old preschool and also childcare. She formed a very special bond with Miss Hayley one of the leads in daycare. Maycee graduated from the Y and Hayley agreed to go to a movie with her and they have gone every month since then. Maycee is so excited every time we walk into the childcare area and is greeted by Hayley. As a working parent it is so nice to know that our kids are loved at the Y!

Connie Seaman

I really enjoy Zumba Gold! I have always enjoyed watching dance and this class gives me the opportunity to get my exercise with something I enjoy. It helps me physically, socially and spiritually. I focus on improving myself and look at what I can do, not what I can't. I miss it when I can't get to class because of the weather or my schedule. Erin's creative dancing is inspiring. I probably won't audition for Dancing with the Stars but I will continue going to Zumba Gold.  

Adam Harris

Adam has recently lost 215 pounds...half of his original body weight! He plunged head first into his weight loss journey after her underwent spinal surgery. "My surgeon did have some words that stuck: 'I fixed the frame, now you have to take the snow off the roof." Adam did just that, he removed the snow and looks to a bright and sunny future. Adam utilized the YMCA to assist him in his weight loss journey. Adam stated that the Nautilus room is his favorite area to workout in. 

Sara Blair

"We have had a great experience at Studio Y. My daughter started dance when she was about 3. She is enrolled in Hippity-Hop, Tap, Ballet and Gymnastics level 1 rollers. I like that Studio Y has smaller and more personable class settings. Throughout the past few years dance has taught her confidence, discipline and commitment. The instructors at Studio Y are excellent and passionate about what they do. I always look forward to the end of the year recital because the instructors and kids pt so much hard work into it.

Kamryn Hansen

Kamryn attends our 3 yer old preschool program and is also in our 3/4 year old early childcare center. Kamryn's favorite thing about preschool is playing with her friends. She likes when Miss Erica tells her things so that she can learn, and her favorite center in preschool right now is the auto center where they fix bikes and toys. When we asked Kamryn what her favorite snack is she replied, "animals crackers". Kamryn also told us that she loves dance and she loves when her teachers take her to dance class.

Elise Knudtson

"I have worked for the Spencer Family YMCA for almost 3 years and I love the people I have met along the way. My son McKlain has been able to attend childcare, kids club and special events put on by the YMCA, all while I'm at work. The Y is so much more than a gym and a place to work out to me. I have not only met goals for myself as an employee, but my son has made many memories."

Kim LeClaire

"In June 2019 I started working in the one year old room as the lead. I love it here, and enjoy coming to work every day! I love the children and enjoy teaching them and seeing how they change and grow. This is the only room for me! Thank you parents for sharing your kids with me!!"  

Steph Healey

"We often do not appreciate the things we have until they're gone. For me the Spencer Family YMCA is part of my daily routine. Whether I'm lifting weights, participating in a small group training or swimming, my day always starts at the Y. It's more than just a place to workout. I've developed great friendships and obtained awesome accountability partners too. In the last week it's felt like a horrible nightmare we've been living and I realized how critical the Y is to me. My mornings at the Y are essential to how my day is going to go. It's therapy to my body and my mind and makes me a better wife, mom and employee. Even with the Y shutdown they're still finding ways to keep us healthy. I've been able to attend a few "live" classes and checkout equipment for my home workouts.Thank you, Spencer Family YMCA for being such a great advocate to the health of our community. I appreciate you!"