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Amy Simpson

"We love the Spencer Family YMCA and are grateful for the opportunities for children. Our kids became involved with the Y as infants in childcare to preschool to after-school care. They have had fun with their friends learning to dance, swim, cook, play volleyball, basketball and many other activities over the years. We are so lucky to have this wonderful facility in Spencer." 

Natasha Bovee & Hilary Olson

" I love coming to the Y in the mornings after dropping my older kids off at school. The Child Watch lets me have some me-time and get my workout in without my 2 year old climbing all over me. Aurora enjoys going to play and making new friends. Aurora's day isn't complete unless she gets to play with her new best friend Collins. We have known Hilary and Collins since last Spring, but have become good friends in the last month coming to the Y together." - Natasha Bovee

" I have lived in Spencer for 3 years and just joined the Y a month ago. The first thing I thought was why didn't I join sooner? The Y has been nothing but a positive experience for me and my family. Everyone here has empowered me to try new things I wouldn't have tried on my own. I love that I can workout guilt free while my daughter Collins is having a blast at Child Watch. Collins looks forward to coming to the Y to see Aurora and to give Megan knuckles at the front desk. We met Natasha and Aurora at the library, but coming to the Y has given the girls their time and the moms their time to connect. " -Hilary Olson


" Kids Club is fun. Demi is my favorit teacher there. Today I had no school so I went to Kids Club and Demi was the only teacher there and when we went outside we played hide and seek. I love hide and seek. When Madi got here Demi left Kids Club but shes going to come back in a littl bit. I love Kids Club. You should listin to your techer all the time because I do you should to. Madi is my favorite techer to." 

Steve McCormick & Jiggs Jorgensen

Steve McCormick and Jiggs Jorgensen met at the Y in December for the first time. They began with small talk while exercising in the Y's weight room. Through their talks they found they knew a lot of the same people. As the weeks went on Jiggs and Steve started meeting each other to work out together! Steve explained that by becoming friends we were also making each other accountable to exercise. Jiggs says he thinks, "that's what's great about the Spencer Y, it gives us retired people a place to go and get some exercise along with meeting new people and talking with old friends."

Steve Quattlebaum

Steve Quattlebaum has been a Y member since 10/12/2015. He recently has been kicking his life in high gear trying to get healthy. Steve visits the YMCA 3 times a week and it is really making a difference in his life. Steve stated "The Y provides me not only with the tools to get healthy, but also the encouragement I need from staff and other members."

Bradie Boyer

Three year old Bradie Boyer loves the YMCA Childcare because " I like to read books in the library!"

Jen Coates

"I can't say enough positive things about having Miss Julie and Miss Tammy as part of Brennan's early education. Ever since Brennan started coming to the Y as an infant the activities that went on in this classroom always caught my attention. When Brennan was old enough to be signed up for this class, I made sure that I did so the day registration opened as I did not want to pass up this opportunity. Since school has started, I have loved seeing how his little brain is soaking up everything that he is learning. My favorite part of my day is when I pick him up and hear, "Mom...I can't wait to tell you what I did today!!!" Truly music to this mom's ears. Every day when Brennan wakes up, one of the first things he asks is, "Is it a school day or home day?" When I respond with, "School day" he always responds with a "YEAH!!" Like a first day of school YEAH!!! I look forward to what the rest of this school year will bring for Brennan in regards to his developmental learning, relationships built with peers and staff, but most importantly, the skills that he is learning that he will carry with him through life. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Miss Julie and Miss Tammy for all you are doing for Brennan. It is very appreciated!!!"

Soni Finkbeiner

"I have been coming to the Y since I was in 5th grade (I think...there was carpet on the walls). I have worked here off and on for 25 years, trained here with Tammy McKeever for a triathlon and watched all 3 of my boys participate in many after school activities as well as youth basketball league. No where else can I take my family and do a variety of activities and exercise options....LOVE the Spencer Y!!!"

Valerie Mosbo

"Having recently retired, I soon realized I needed to schedule some type of consistent fitness routine for both my physical well-being and my sanity. I thought a membership at the YMCA would be a good place to start. I was committed to finding a program that would be both challenging and realistic. Not knowing where to start, I signed up right away with one of the YMCA personal trainers. It has been both rewarding and fun to workout and to feel the benefits of maintaining the best health possible. Life is short, keep moving and think fun!"

Morgan Carpenter

"I absolutely love my work friends! Thank you co-workes for all that you do and making work in Kids Club even more enjoyable than it already is. I honestly have the best job ever with the best staff! The kids make it such a fun job also. I love to spend my workday playing with the kiddos and seeing them outside of work makes my day! Love my YMCA family. I miss them so much when I'm in Cedar Falls at college. Honestly the best job I've ever had, my heart is definitely at the YMCA with the kids and staff!

Gary Altenhofen

Gary has been a member since 1986! "I enjoy the Y because it's a great place to come meet people, swim, workout, lift weights and be a member of a great community!"

Mike Monnahan

"I exercise Monday through Friday. I use the elliptical and weight room. I enjoy seeing the same people every day and hopefully staying in shape. It is a great facility with great staff and it was well worth the investment!"

Sandra Warren

"Our family has been fortunate to use the YMCA childcare program for almost 10 years. We first picked the childcare program at the YMCA because we knew our child would be in a room that was targeted to their age. Over the years my children have developed relationships to last a lifetime and have learned educational skills as well as physical skills. It has been a huge convenience to sign our kids up for the YMCA's school age programs. Since childcare is in the same building the teachers have been able to take our kids to classes like swim, t-ball, kickball & sort-a-sport; this has allowed them to experience more activities at a younger age." 

Shana Vander Tuig

"What I enjoy most about the Spencer YMCA is the amount of accountability that is present through friendship, classes, and challenges. The morning classes are the best way to start your day. You are completing something before most people even get out of bed. I recommend finding a class to try with your friend(s). Attending classes together will help keep you accountable, and you will enjoy your time together as well." 

Tess Brant

"Our daughter Maycee fell in love with the Y! She went to both the 3 and 4 year old preschool and also childcare. She formed a very special bond with Miss Hayley one of the leads in daycare. Maycee graduated from the Y and Hayley agreed to go to a movie with her and they have gone every month since then. Maycee is so excited every time we walk into the childcare area and is greeted by Hayley. As a working parent it is so nice to know that our kids are loved at the Y!"

Connie Seaman

"I really enjoy Zumba Gold! I have always enjoyed watching dance and this class gives me the opportunity to get my exercise with something I enjoy. It helps me physically, socially and spiritually. I focus on improving myself and look at what I can do, not what I can't. I miss it when I can't get to class because of the weather or my schedule. Erin's creative dancing is inspiring. I probably won't audition for Dancing with the Stars but I will continue going to Zumba Gold."

Adam Harris

Adam has recently lost 215 pounds...half of his original body weight! He plunged head first into his weight loss journey after he underwent spinal surgery. "My surgeon did have some words that stuck: 'I fixed the frame, now you have to take the snow off the roof." Adam did just that, he removed the snow and looks to a bright and sunny future. Adam utilized the YMCA to assist him in his weight loss journey. Adam stated that the Nautilus room is his favorite area to workout in. 

Sara Blair

"We have had a great experience at Studio Y. My daughter started dance when she was about 3. She is enrolled in Hippity-Hop, Tap, Ballet and Gymnastics level 1 rollers. I like that Studio Y has smaller and more personable class settings. Throughout the past few years dance has taught her confidence, discipline and commitment. The instructors at Studio Y are excellent and passionate about what they do. I always look forward to the end of the year recital because the instructors and kids put so much hard work into it.

Kamryn Hansen

Kamryn attends our 3 year old preschool program and is also in our 3/4 year old early childcare center. Kamryn's favorite thing about preschool is playing with her friends. She likes when Miss Erica tells her things so that she can learn, and her favorite center in preschool right now is the auto center where they fix bikes and toys. When we asked Kamryn what her favorite snack is she replied, "animals crackers". Kamryn also told us that she loves dance and she loves when her teachers take her to dance class.

Elise Knudtson

"I have worked for the Spencer Family YMCA for almost 3 years and I love the people I have met along the way. My son McKlain has been able to attend childcare, kids club and special events put on by the YMCA, all while I'm at work. The Y is so much more than a gym and a place to work out to me. I have not only met goals for myself as an employee, but my son has made many memories."

Kim LeClaire

"In June 2019 I started working in the one year old room as the lead. I love it here, and enjoy coming to work every day! I love the children and enjoy teaching them and seeing how they change and grow. This is the only room for me! Thank you parents for sharing your kids with me!!"  

Steph Healey

"We often do not appreciate the things we have until they're gone. For me the Spencer Family YMCA is part of my daily routine. Whether I'm lifting weights, participating in a small group training or swimming, my day always starts at the Y. It's more than just a place to workout. I've developed great friendships and obtained awesome accountability partners too. In the last week it's felt like a horrible nightmare we've been living and I realized how critical the Y is to me. My mornings at the Y are essential to how my day is going to go. It's therapy to my body and my mind and makes me a better wife, mom and employee. Even with the Y shutdown they're still finding ways to keep us healthy. I've been able to attend a few "live" classes and checkout equipment for my home workouts. Thank you, Spencer Family YMCA for being such a great advocate to the health of our community. I appreciate you!"

Jim Reis

Jim Reis recently became a new member with the Spencer Family YMCA. We see him daily and are so proud of all his progress. Jim tried several places before coming to the Y. "I love the variety, friendliness and guidance I receive from the staff, they're always helpful. The YMCA offers so much more than any other places around town."

Camila & Steve Koenig

"Our son Luke has been taking the YMCA youth classes since he was 3. Luke looks forward to his classes as he says it's his favorite part of the day. The classes have taught him how to play different sports, how to interact with other kids and good sportsmanship. Paige is a great teacher because she has a lot of patience for the little ones. Our family loves all the amenities the YMCA offers."

Emery & Makayla

Ask any four year old, "What is your favorite part of school?" Of course they will say, "PLAY!" These two say their second favorite part is, "The yummy snacks!" Our childcare, preschool and school age programs have amazing snacks, but shhh...don't tell the kids, they are healthy too!!

Doris Wilson

"Aqua joints helps me a lot with my joints and it makes me feel really good when I'm done, I really like this class! The Y gives me opportunities that I can take advantage of to stay healthy and fit."

Lakyn Spears

"During this whole whirlwind, the YMCA Childcare has been more than amazing! They are very kind and understanding that my schedule does not stay the same. The staff bends over backwards to make anything and everything work for all the kiddos. The creativity to keep kids entertained and educated is so fun! I am thankful I have chosen a daycare that is more like family than just a kid drop off"

Stephanie & Zarah Zahrt

"The COVID pandemic has taken a toll on not only us as parents, but our kids emotionally. I haven't seen Zarah so excited in weeks as when she found out the YMCA was offering her dance classes through Zoom. This is an amazing opportunity given to the dancers to continue to learn their dances, new technique and still be part of the YMCA. We all are looking forward to the day classes can start in the studio, but this has been amazingly the next best thing!! Thank you!!

Jim & Lisa Horst

"Being members of the YMCA for over the past 20 years, we have had the privilege of taking part in various fitness classes, playing in certain leagues and utilizing the weight room. Fitness is a huge part of our lives. During the shutdown, the Y allowed us to check out some equipment so we could still maintain some of our fitness while at home. We are so very grateful for that opportunity. After a month of doing home gym workouts from our garage, we are beyond thankful the Y has reopened so we can get back to doing some of what we enjoy to help us stay healthy."

Merjurie Ricklefs

"Moving to Spencer, IA from Hawaii was challenging for our family. Luckily, our family found the Y, and this place has availed us multitudes of friendship, community, and great opportunities for our kids such as swimming with Miss Cheryl, dance classes, childcare and preschool. I would like to talk about the Preschool that is being offered in the building in particular. Our five-year-old has learned so much from Miss Julie and Miss Tammy this school year, and this includes singing educational songs, learning all of her alphabet and sounds, shapes, numbers, writing, learning about animals and gardening to name a few. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the community, and as soon as the shutdown, transpired, by the next day, both teachers were able to provide educational materials to be sent home to the kids. This proves how prepared they are as educators. In terms of communication, they always respond to the seesaw app or text messaging. They created weekly zoom meetings and Miss Julie never fails to make her daily live lessons entertaining. Miss Tammy made a special folder with pictures and copies of schoolwork that our daughter did throughout the school year. All these efforts attest to their caring characters and the love for what they do. I highly recommend the preschool offered at the Spencer Family YMCA."

Ryan Boyd

"This will be my 3rd year lifeguarding at the Spencer Family Aquatic Center. I love having a job that allows me to be outside, work with people my age, and offers some flexibility so I can still play high school baseball. I also look forward to interacting with the kids that come to the pool every day."

Kathy Druvenga

"We have been Y members over the last 30 years. Five years ago, Josh Kelly, a former personal trainer at the Y, helped me rebuild my strength, my balance, and overall my body after a major medical situation. I now enjoy and stay active in the adult fitness classes offered at the Spencer Family YMCA!"

Kayden Guerttman

Kayden has been a member of the Spencer Family YMCA for 8 years (since he was 9). "I enjoy the YMC because of all the great activities and events that are offered. Their weight room and basketball court have helped me stay in shape and healthy."

Steve Drucker

"Having the Y here in Spencer has been fantastic for our family's fitness and childcare needs. We've had two kids go through the childcare center and I would recommend it to everyone! Our son has played basketball for years and has done all the little tikes sports. Our daughter just started swim lessons and she can not wait to see Sam every week. The Y is a huge part of our life and we wouldn't know what to do without it."

Wendy Rees

Wendy has been a Y member for over 23 years! In the past she has taught swimming lessons and fitness classes. Currently Wendy is just enjoying the facility as a Y member! "My passion is bodybuilding. I absolutely love the atmosphere the YMCA provides. I can go in the weight room and meet people of all ages and goals with just the common desire to get stronger. I feel there is a nice variety of weights and equipment so that I can get a well-composed all over work out. My training has taken me to a few different competitions but what I really love is just being there on a day to day basis. The staff are always very welcoming and friendly and make me feel part of the Y family. I would never hesitate to recommend the Spencer Family YMCA!"

Leigh Chinn

"With working here at the YMCA for 2 years, I have grown as a person and as a teacher. Working with the children in different age groups, I have learned a lot about them. The education I have in Early Childhood Education, has taught me to teach the children as much as I can. I am so happy to be part of this environment!"

Jason Schjoth

"My name is Jason Schjoth, I am 45 years young. I started my fitness journey here at the YMCA in Spencer Iowa. I was overweight, depressed and well a little lost in life. I decided I had to do something to help myself as the weight had started to affect my physical and mental health. The doctor even wanted to start me on medication, but I opted to man up and do this on my own. I started at 250 pounds and decided to join my local Y, which thank goodness has changed my life. Not saying it was easy...but WORTH it!! I quit the fast food, started to eat healthy and hit the gym 1-2 times a week. Each day I felt better and better. After awhile working out got easier and the weight was dropping off. I was then told by my doctor if I kept doing what I was doing that I would not have to be on medication. It is amazing knowing that I started at 250 and got down to 162 pounds. It was all the hard work at the Spencer Family YMCA! I am now in the best shape of my life! It just goes to show that you can do this at any age. When you feel like quitting just remember why you started."

Ida & Makayla Black

"The YMCA has always been there for my family and for the community. We moved to Spencer in 2014 and I immediately began to look for a place to workout and for our daughter to be able to socialize with others. I love the YMCA for the family atmosphere and diversity of people and all the different age groups from young children to seniors. The people that work there are always cheerful and helpful. The YMCA filled that need - whether it was gymnastics, dance, racquetball or swimming. And, through all of these years, my daughter simply thinks that she is having fun growing up in a great community of people. But we know that she is learning life lessons and creating friendships that will be important for the years to come. The Y gave us a community, a place for us to go to become better, healthier and happier people."

Roush Family

"Our family was really blessed with the opportunity to have 6 of our kiddos be able to take swimming lessons through the Begin to Swim program at the Spencer Family Aquatic Center. Julie and Sam were so patient and helpful with our crew. They took the time to get all the kids names down and you can tell they love what they do by the genuine smiles on their faces. Our kids looked forward to each lesson. They all have gained more confidence in their swimming abilities and had a blast doing it!"

Nigel Nielsen

"I've enjoyed coming to the YMCA ever since I was a kid. Sun, rain, or snow, it provides you with everything you need in order to feel your best and keep your body and immune system in optimal shape! The welcoming hellos and friendly interactions from not only the staff, but also the other fellow members, make the experience that much more enjoyable. It's one of my favorite getaways whether I'm looking to get a good sweat on, have a relaxing time or even just get some good social interaction."

Madi Carpenter

"When starting at the YMCA I never realized how much of an impact it would have on me, from growing as a leader, to building relationships with families in our community, and growing amazing bonds with every child in our program. The stories and laughter shared with each child reminds me of why I love what I do. I have learned so much from my coworkers and my amazing leaders Amy and Erica. They have helped shape me into who I am today. Easily the best job ever!"

Camilla Koenig

"Erin and all the coaches at Studio Y did a great job at their recital this year! The kids did wonderful!"

Cristian Muniz

Cristian has been a YMCA member for 10 years, since he was 7! "I mainly use the YMCA for its weight room and cardio room. My family also enjoys using the pool and basketball courts. The YMCA has a great variety of hard working people. The staff makes the Y a safe and friendly environment."

Terri Ewoldt

"There are several reasons I enjoy working at the Y. I've enjoyed getting to know the staff and members, they are friendly and have become personal friends to me. I enjoy keeping the building clean and I have a great supervisor. I really love working here!"

Bev Harman

"I keep exercising and coming to the Y to keep from getting old."

Jalen Rost

"I have worked in Kids Club for 5 years now and I can honestly say it is the best job I have ever had. When first starting here I never realized how much I would love working at the Y. I quickly realized how big of an impact the children I see every day would have on my life and how much I enjoy getting to know all the kids and watching them grow. I also enjoy working with my coworkers and sharing in all the laughs and smiles every day. I have learned so much from each child, co-worker, and my leaders Amy and Erica. This job has helped shape me into the person I am today!"

Pat Jensen

"I've been coming to the Y for many years now and have had plenty of joint issues. I can honestly say that coming to the YMCA and working them in the pool has helped immensely! Not only has the Y helped me with my joint health but it is also a great place to come and socialize!"


Brandon Zimmerman

"In the last few years that I've been coming to the Y, I've met some really great people. I utilize the Y mainly for the weight room and the winter racquetball league. Through both of these activities, I've been able to not only stay in shape, but have made a lot of new friends. The Y staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. They always got out of their way to greet you and make you feel welcome."

Jennie Stevenson

"Our children have grown up participating in programs at the YMCA. They were able to gain skills in order to interact with other children even before school. As they have gotten older, team sports have encouraged sportsmanship, confidence, and team-building. There's something for every age, every interest, and every skill level here at the Y!"


Marley Prenzlow

"This is my second year of participating in Girls on the Run at the Spencer Family YMCA. I enjoy this program because I get to run and exercise with my friends. I also really like the coaches who teach us about being mentally tough and believing in ourselves."

Hilary Olson

"We have been members at the YMCA for a little over a year now. When choosing to enroll our daughter Collins into a 3 year old preschool, it just made sense she attended here. She is very familiar and comfortable with the staff, since the majority of them knew her from drop in child watch. The high light of her day is when she is rewarded 5 smileys and gets a prize. Ms.Erica and Ms. Hayley are doing a wonderful job educating her and teaching her developmental skills. We love when she randomly burst into a song she learned at school, or hearing her say "My teacher taught me to say, Please Stop!" One of the benefits of her being at the Y is she is able to participate in swimming lessons. They have made it very convenient that she goes straight from school to the pool. We are so grateful for the memories and friends our daughter is making for her first year of school."

Kristi Busse

"After 4 1/2 years of YMCA child care, Kendall started 4 year old preschool program this fall. I have been happy with the care she has received since day one at the Y, but this program is on a whole new level. I can not say enough good things about it, from the teachers and staff to the daily activities. Miss Julie and Miss Tammy are amazing, and provide the children so many opportunities to experience hands on learning - practicing yoga, caring for animals and digging in the dirt in the nature center, to working on phonics and social skills. I love seeing all the aspects they are able to tie into their current theme - having a visit from a firefighter, learning fire safety, and creating their own safety plan for home one week and the next picking and weighing pumpkins, testing buoyancy in the pool, seeing the different parts, and then watching them decompose! The communication and updates make it easy to see what they are learning, and provide great suggestions for parents to tie the learning in at home. Best of all Kendall truly loves going to school and is excited to share what she is learning. Thank you for this amazing program!"

Kaylee Iedema

"I like the atmosphere the YMCA gives, it is always positive. I like using the facility to run and lift weights."

Lashon Myers

"My son Gage has been involved with Kids Club for about three years. We have been through our share of ups and downs with his anxiety, but ultimately the time, willingness and communication of all their staff that worked with me and my son is something I am very grateful for. Without the YMCA his social skills and excitement to see his friends, rather school or staff, we wouldn't be where we are today. Gage enjoys going to the YMCA for Kids Club after school and especially on no school days where he gets to swim, play dodgeball, or football with his friends."

Jody Vollmer

"I had been a member of Curves for Women for many years. When they closed I needed to keep exercising and be with people so I joined the Spencer YMCA. I go to class twice a week and do the Nautilus machines twice a week to keep up my strength and mobility."

Maureen Kadous

"I can not think of a better way to start the week than by heading to the YMCA for a fun lively class of Zumba Gold with our instructor, Erin Elliott! We dance to a variety of songs and expand our personal horizons by learning  many new steps and dances. It's a great cardio workout and all around positive experience! I truly appreciate the class and all of the work that Erin does to keep us happy and on our toes."

Beth Frankenstein

"Thank you Paige! We really appreciate you sticking with the season and changes and having us play again on Saturday! It means so much to the kids to have these fun oppotunites to look forward to, any sense of normal brings them so much joy. I know my kids went for a jog last night as they were so excited and wanted to be back in shape for Saturday! Again THANK YOU! I know it would have been easier to just cancel so thanks for sticking with it for all of us!!!!"

Alisha Dunnick

"I have always heard good things about the Spencer YMCA, so when a postion came up I took the chance. Being a part of such a fun, exciting workplace has been an amazing expierence. The Y has been so welcoming to me and my family. My daughters enjoy kids club and go every chance they can. Throughout the time I have been here I have come to learn that this is more than just a workplace, it's family. I love being able to meet each member as they walk through the doors. Hearing  differerent stories from each member makes my day. I love being a part of this Y family."

Frank O'Clair

"I love the Y because of the people, and the therpy pool has really helped before and after my knee surgery!"

Frank OClair

Mallory Rehnstrom

"Our family joined the YMCA in 2020. Our 3 sons started attending the Y for childcare on July 1. We love the Y- it is perfect for our 3 boys! Our oldest, Cooper, is a part of the Kids Club and it is perfect for after school and no school days. Landon and Tucker are very well taken care of in the 4 year old and 1 year old rooms. The boys have really enjoyed swiming lessons and going to the pool during open swim. We are happy to be a part of the Y family." 

Mallory Rehnstrom

David Beelner

"I have been coming to the Y on and off for 10 years. My favorite areas of the Y are the nautilus room and the Olson Pool. The Y has helped me mentally and physically, allowing me a place to come and be physically active while also being able to be social at the same time!"

David Beehlner

Shane and Tarrel Habben

"The Spencer Family YMCA has played a very important role in my family's lives and it still does today. I moved to Spencer 26 years ago and began going to the Y to work out and meet new people who had similar interests. When I began having children over 20 years ago, we utilized the childcare and preschool for all 3 of my children. It was a life saver. I could always count on the YMCA to be open no matter the circumstances. Our careers were important as was ensuring the people who took care of our children to be kind, well-trained and loving to my children. My kids absolutely loved their instructors. They have some of the fondest memories from childcare and the Y's care. As my children have grown, they continue to use the Y to workout and play basketball to fill their time in the winter months. My husband and I use the Y to stay active and involved. The Spencer Family YMCA offers a safe and inviting environment for our community to be active, from a walking/running track, weight room, gyms and pools. We feel so fortunate to have a facility like the Y in Spencer. We would encourage you to join the Y, you will love it!" 

Habben family

Paige Harle

"I enjoy going to the YMCA with my husband and children, who also attend daycare there. The hours the Y is open always helps so that we can make it to work on time and know our children are in good hands. Working out is never easy especially in the world that we live but the YMCA makes it possible for working families with children to come in and better themselves because they have child watch. I would always recommend the YMCA. It is definantly a family place."

Julie Hansen

"My daughter, Kaylee, started dancing at the Y when she was 3. This year she is a senior. She will be dancing in her 16th Y recital in 2021! The Y dance instructors have been flexible with her complicated schedule and have always worked with us to help her be successful. I have loved watching her grow and improve as a dancer and appreciate all the Y dance program has done for her!"


Tara Nighswonger

"My daughter Ensley's first year of dance at the YMCA, Pre Dance. Taylor and Faith have been AMAZING teachers with her coming out of her shell and gaining confidence. She always leaves class excited and can't wait for the next class. Erin has always been available and responded to any questions we have had come up. Over the years my daughters have done various classes and special events and I always feel at peace knowing they are in good hands!"

Mariah Richardson

"I started working at the YMCA in the childcare department about 3 years ago and I have loved it ever since I have started. I am now the lead of the one year old room & I am blessed with the opportunity to hang out with these kiddos and teach them new things every day! I look forward to coming to work every day in such a positive atmosphere. It means the world to me, to make a difference in so many kiddos lives! The YMCA has made me who I am today and I'm so glad to have been a part of it for the past 3 years."

Paul & Candace Daniels

"Honestly, I'm not sure if we would still be living in Spencer right now without the Spencer Family YMCA. We moved to Spencer over 13 years ago and our hometowns are located in other parts of the state. We knew no one from the area. At the time, having a safe place to put our son Harrison in childcare and send our daughter Monroe somewhere after school was very reassuring. From there, our kids have been involved in countless programs and events at the Y. My wife Candace has served on the Y's wellness committee for years and I am the current Chairman of the board. We gladly donate our time because the Spencer Family YMCA has done so many positive things for our family over the years and continue to utilize all the many things it has to offer today!"

Amanda Young

"As a family we have utilized the Y for many of their activities over the years. We love everything the Y has to offer. Isabelle especially enjoys taking dance classes at the Y and has done so since she was a little girl. She loves that there are several different choices of dance classes to choose from as well as the opportunity to be involved in the YDC team which allows her to compete with other dancers across the Midwest as a small group, trio and individually. Some days Isabelle spends as much or more time at the Y for dance than at home. 

Carys Whitaker

"Everyone is so nice! My co-workers are fun and friendly and so is everyone that comes into the pool."

Sam Cook

"My son Sanders is 6 years old and has been participating at the YMCA for the last couple years. He has been involved in swimming, sort-a-sport, crafty corner, flag football and floor hockey! he has had a blast each time he goes to the Y! He meets new friends and it is a good environment. He says it makes him feel happy and healthy and he enjoys having class with Paige. I want to give a big thank you to the YMCA for having these programs available!" 

Emma Morey

" I like the experience of being able to come and lifeguard or teach swim lessons and then workout. I also like being able to come here Monday-Thursdays to swim for Tigersharks swim team."

Paulus Family

"Our kids have been going to the Y since they were infants. We love that they are able to participate in lots of activities from swim lessons to swim team, dance and gymnastics, gardening club, flag football and more. The best part is we don't have to worry about finding rides rides or shutting them. The amazing Y staff takes care of getting them to all their classes. They love hanging out with all their friends and getting to participate in several fun activities."  

Megan Dirks

"My children, Jayden, Ty and Akira have been going to the YMCA childcare and Kids Club for over four years. My daughter started in the infant room and is currently enrolled in preschool at the YMCA. As a full time working parent it's nice to know that their physical, social, and educational and developmental needs are not only being met, but are exceeding my expectations. I love that my kids can participate in activities and that the staff are able to transport them to and from them when I am unable. My children have built friendships with their peers along with the amazing childcare staff."

Julie Rosacker

"I have been fortunate enough to live in a community with an incredible Y. The Spencer Family Y has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is where I learned to swim. I learned my abc's and how to share and take turns in the Y preschool and kids club programs. On Friday nights I got to swim in the pool with my friends while my parents played couples volleyball with their friends. While in high school I prepared for sports by working out in the weight room and running on the track. Now, many years later, my daughter, Elsie, paints flowers in craft class to hang on the fridge at home. In preschool she learned how to write her name, be a friend, express her feelings, and SO MUCH more! She has taken swim lessons at the Y so when we go to the pool or beach in the summer I have confidence knowing she is a strong swimmer. Elsie also loves to dance and has been in the Studio Y dance program for several years now. Each year her skill and confidence have grown. Most importantly, she has caregivers, teachers, and coaches that love her and make her feel like she belongs. The Y has been more than a gym to us, It has been our family and our home. I am confident both Elsie and myself would not be the same people we are today without Spencer Family YMCA."

Stearns Family

"We chose the YMCA for our boys because of the opportunities it could provide them. They have been able to learn to swim, play in a bouncy house, and develop important social skills. We love hearing about the fun atmosphere and about how they are making memories with their friends and teachers. We are so happy we made this decision 7 years ago."

Paul Thompson

"The water in the Olson pool is wet and warm and not too crowded for swimming in the afternoon!"

Matt Jennings

"It's close to home. It is a vital part of the community that needs to be supported. The staff are friendly and responsive."

Jasmin Cole

"I haven't been a part of the Y for long, but ever since day one I've been welcomed with lots of smiles, laughter, and happiness. I truly love coming to work every day. Everyone is so nice from staff, to our wonderful members. My family is able to come and play, practice sports, swim, or just hang out, and I'm encouraged to take classes and get healthier mentally and physically. I am very blessed to be a part of Spencer Family YMCA!"

Sandra Warren

"I have been a Board member for about a year now. It was an easy choice to join the Board and to be able to give back to the Spencer YMCA because of everything the Y has provided for our family. Our kids started using the YMCA as infants in the Dvergsten Childcare, attended through preschool, and now get to go to Kids Club. They have become confident swimmers by being able to start lessons at an early age and we enjoy taking part in the Youth Activities and Adult Fitness Classes. Our entire family is encouraged to be healthier because of the YMCA." 

Kayla Konrady

"My daughter Zoey has been dancing for Studio Y for 3 years and loves it! We love that she can learn and grow with all the different class options available. We are excited for the opportunities of the camps this year so she can further her learning in the world of dance. We love this studio, it's director and relationships we have made."

Luke Ketcham

"My favorite part of the Y is seeing you all! I mostly like basketball, weight lifting, I can't forget weight lifting, and listening to country music. I feel like I'm getting healthier"

Patrick Smith

"My favorite part about coming to the Y is coming with a friend. I like to shoot hoops and lift weights. It's making me feel good and healthier."

Angel Hernandez-Cole

"I like going to the Y so I can play dodge ball. At the Y you can go swimming and that is really fun, you can also play racquetball. I like how my friends and I can play basketball together. The Y has really nice people that work there. The YMCA is just a fun place in general. During the summer the playground program is really fun because you get to play fishy fishy with everyone there. It is fun when some of the workers play uno with me. I like it when you play kickball and 4 square. My most favorite part is how I can make new friends and that you can socialize."

Sydney Schwartz

"I like being able to come here as an employee and as a patron and to be treated the same. I like being able to work during the summer months at the outdoor pool. It's a great way to meet new people and make someone smile."

Caitlyn Weeks

"I attended preschool here and was on the Tigersharks swim team for 7 years. I am now a lifeguard for the YMCA and really enjoy it."

Amanda Mobley

"My story with the YMCA began when I was a child and attended Kid's Kamp. I very much enjoyed my summers here; I was able to swim, take gymnastics, and make new friends. When it came to my children's opportunity to join the YMCA, I didn't hesitate. They began their journey with swimming lessons, many youth sports such as flag football, floor hockey, basketball, and volleyball clinics. As my family has enjoyed the YMCA, I equally enjoy my YMCA journey. From starting as just a summer job, to moving in the Child Care Assistant Director position. This has to be the most rewarding job aside from raising my own children. I have loved meeting new and continued parents over the last 5 years. I am also able to learn and grow through the Y and I love learning new things, especially to help me grow as a person. I am also able to join classes, most of all yoga, which I absolutely love!"

Justin and Sara Falline

"Our kids have been coming to the Y full time for the past year and they love it! Our daughter, Aleyah, has been coming to Kids Club for the past few summers because she enjoys all the activities she gets to do with friends, which include swimming, dodgeball, movies, and all the field trips. She is a social person so being able to be with a great group of people every day makes her happy. Our son, Grayson, is in the two year-old room and he enjoys getting to spend each weekday with his friends. He tells us some of their names and something they did that day like playing with blocks or painting. We have seen a lot of growth in him this past year with learning shapes, colors, numbers, etc. It is also nice to have the reliability during the school year on unexpected no school days and early outs due to weather. We know that Aleyah can always go there. We are happy to know that when we go to work everyday we don't have to worry about them because they are having a great time with people that really care about them." 

Stephanie Bendlin

"We are at the YMCA. We love to play at the YMCA," that is what all three of our children sing as we pull into the Y every morning. Our family LOVES everything about the Y! From the age targeted rooms to the convenience of the kid activities, child care and fitness center. Because child care is in the same building as many of the activities, the teachers are able to take our children to and from those classes allowing them to be introduced to gymnastics, swim and more. My husband also enjoys being able to utilize the weight room and indoor track, for winter time running, before and after work. The entire Y staff is also a huge part of why our family loves the Y! From "helping a mom out" by fixing our daughters braids (we are still trying to master the Elsa Braid in our household) to treating our children like part of the family giving them hugs each day! You can tell they truly enjoy their careers and helping our children grow, learn, and have fun!"

Gabi Gardea

"I like going to the YMCA to hang out with my friends. We play racket ball, swim, and hang out in the youth center area. It's a fun safe place where the staff knows me by name."

Kevin Hollenkamp

"Since I was a little kid fitness and competition are what I knew was the biggest part of me. That continues to this day. The Y allows me to have a great place to go to continue to reach both of those goals."

Monroe Daniels

"I am Monroe Daniels and I love working at the Y as a dance teacher because I can give kids the same opportunities and memories that I had as a kid. Since being a YMCA member since I was a little kid, I have made many friendships and memories, that I will never forget."

Amy Kuehler

"For those of you that don't know me, my name is Amy Kuehler and I am the Child Care Director. I am going to try and fit my amazing 10 years here at the YMCA in one testimonial. What started as a simple internship my senior year lead me to my whole future. I have gained an abundance of knowledge in multiple departments. The YMCA has given me the opportunity to become a certified lifeguard, a certified CPR and First Aid instructor, a preschool teacher, a School Age Director, and now, most recently, the Child Care Director. I would say that getting to know all our childcare and kids club families, as well as our members, is one of my favorite parts of my job. I not only get to grow in my own field, but the YMCA encourages me to seek out outside of the box YMCA trainings and leadership certifications. Not only is the YMCA a great place to grow as a leader, but my family has had the best opportunities here as well. My children have grown up at the Y. From dance and gymnastics to youth sports, childcare, kids club, child watch, swimming lessons, swim team, and special events. They say it takes a village right? You might even see my husband, Nate, around refereeing youth football or basketball, or volunteering to spend his Friday night ripping up old carpet. I can honestly and with my whole heart say that I am so glad I took that phone call from Megan Whitaker that summer day back in 2013 asking me if I wanted to come back to the YMCA. Hands down best decision I ever made. The Y is my family!"

Payton Woodall

"I love the YMCA, mostly for the people. I love the members, getting to know them and hearing all their stories. I love the staff and how they feel like family more than coworkers. I love the kids and how one simple smile from them seems to melt away any bad days."

Camilla and Lauren Koenig

"Our daughter Lauren is starting her 7th year at Studio Y and her 3rd year on the company team. Lauren has learned so much in dance thanks to all the support from her coaches!! We also can't say enough about the Studio Y families and dancers who have been supportive of Lauren on her journey. Lauren LOVES to dance!! We can't wait for the new dance season to begin!!!"

Christy Prenzlow

" I have been a member and employee with the Spencer Family YMCA since 2013. It is at the Y, that I found a group of lifelong friends that I now keep accountable to and work out with each and every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As an employee of the fitness department, I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor many youth and adult members, from all fitness levels, through fitness classes and personal training to help them reach their personal goals. The Spencer Y has been a place that has allowed me to make a positive impact on the Spencer Community."

Aaliyah VanAmpting

"I am starting my 12th year of dance and my 4th year of competition dance at the YMCA. I love dance because I have met so many new friends and have learned so many new skills. I am also in gymnastics and have learned a lot of fun tricks. I love coming to the YMCA after school to hang out with my friends and to get snacks at the concession stand because the staff is so nice."